TeeLochranza Golf Course by Ian Buchanan

9 Holes, Pay and Play 2, 332 yards Par 34


Lochranza Golf Map


1st hole

1st Hole. Red Deer 341yds 312mts Par 4 Left dogleg 

When you address the ball on the elevated tee the green is hidden beyond the high barrier of trees on the far bank of the Lochranza Burn about 180 yards distant. Long hitters can clear these trees but the landing area beyond is small. Others should aim to get as near to the large white marker on the near bank as they can and preferably five or six yards to the right of it. From this position a shot to the green is possible. 

2nd hole

2nd Hole. Eagle 267yds 244mts Par 4 Right dogleg 

The 2nd and 8th holes share a common teeing ground and their fairways run in similar directions. You must aim for the one on the left which swings up to the right behind a small plantation. If you can hit your drive more than 200 yards beware! A shallow grass bunker awaits you if you've hit it too far left. You'll see the green from the top of the slope. 

3rd hole

3rd Hole. Red Squirrel 190yds 174mts Par 3 

The easy way to make par here is to carry your tee shot far enough to check itself on the upslope. Over hit it then- unless you have back spin, you're in heavy rough or on the beach. The green is quite shallow from front to back. Beware of an unseen stream which meanders across the fairway at about 110 yards. It will catch a mis-hit. 

4th hole

4th Hole. Buzzard 94yds 86mts Par 3 

One of Arran’s shortest holes and possibly one of the easiest. You should have a certain par here. But it's a small target and there's the meandering stream again which needs to be crossed, twice. So don't be short, or long, in which case you could be off the course. 

5th hole

5th Hole. Oyster Catcher 263yds 240mts Par 4 Right dogleg 

A straight hit of around 190 yards is what's wanted from the tee. This will take you just beyond the sharp turn of the fairway and will give a straightforward wedge or 9 iron to the green, hopefully missing the grass bunker which lies in wait for a mis-hit. If you're short from the tee you can play safely up to the turn or go for a heroic shot over the plantation....and the grass bunker.

6th hole

6th Hole. Otter 324yds 296mts Par4 

You can see the flag from the tee fluttering on a slightly elevated green between a gap in the trees lining the near bank of the burn which crosses the fairway just over 250 yards away. If you can carry the tee shot in the region of 200 yards or more you can certainly go for the green with your second, although the final upslope might prevent a run on. Bunkers left and right await a wayward attempt. If you are a short off the tee, think carefully about your second and take into account the fact that the burn is about 8 yards wide. Can you cross it? Might it be safer to lay up? 

7th hole

7th Hole. Vole 233yds 213mts Par4 

Everything you need to do is obvious from the tee. You have to cross the burn which is 134 yards away, and, remember it's 8 yards wide. The pond which partially surrounds the green is a further 72 yards. There are three good ways to get there. Hit a safe shot right up to the gap in the trees, play another short of the pond, chip on and hole the putt. Alternatively, drive confidently through the gap to give yourself a wedge onto the green for a good birdie chance. Alternatively, hit a long, high drive straight over the trees and you may see it miss the pond, run onto the green, and a birdie should be certain, maybe even an eagle. 

8th hole

8th Hole. Curlew 247yds 226mts Par4 

A birdie-able par four provided you avoid the trouble all the way up the right. The green slopes down from back to front so stop your approach short of the pin. 

9th hole

9th Hole. Dipper 240yds 220mts Par3 

This hole has been shortened to avoid driving alongside the campsite. The drive intimidates you but a straight hit of around 150 yards will take you over the high sloping bank which runs onto the fairway in front of you to a surprisingly wide area leading up to the burn, revealing the 9th green.