No Need to Book: Pay and Play

9 Holes

Pay and Play

2,332 yards Par 34


2 Putting Greens


Pitch and Putt

Open: April to October


New to Golf


We welcome visitors of all ages and abilities. Lochranza Golf Course offers a stimulating game with plenty of mental and physical problem solving for all golfers.


We especially welcome junior players supervised by adults; it pays to start young and the skills you acquire will be second nature to you all your life.


We now have a Pitch and Putt course for those who want the fun without the demanding challenge of the full course.


We have a range of golf clubs for hire.

We do not have complex rules, codes or requirements but we do ask you to respect the course and the safety and well-being of other players by observing the following:-


  • Practise OFF the tee area
  • Use plastic tees to avoid damage to the grass
  • Replace divots immediately
  • Rake bunkers if necessary
  • Give way to faster players
  • Keep trolleys off the greens

For more golf tips by Mathias Hamnvik:

Golf Terms for Beginners

Birdie A score of one under par for a hole
Bogey A score of one over par for a hole
Chip A short stroke to lift the ball onto the putting green
Divot The grass removed when playing an iron shot
Drive To strike the ball a long distance
Eagle A score of two under par for a hole
Fairway The short, mown grass between the tee and the green
Green The close-cut grass surrounding the hole, intended for putting
Handicap A system of scoring to enable players of varying abilities to compete on equal terms
Par The number of shots a good player is entitled to take
Putt To strike the ball gently to get it into the hole
Tee A small plastic/ wooden pin on which the ball sits when the first shot is played on each hole
Teeing Ground The starting place for the hole to be played
Wedge A type of golf club designed to give height to the shot e.g. when the ball is in a bunker