What is the most successful way to bet on golf?

This game seems to be on everyone’s lips, but few people know about it in detail. Making the first steps in betting on this sport, many make a gross mistake: they are too superficial about the analysis of tournaments and the study of the characteristics of athletes. Knowledge and competent “reading” of the laws of golf will allow you to go to the beting plus in this sports direction at a distance.

Key golf features

  • Before making a bet on an unfamiliar sport, carefully study its rules and features of the competition:
  • depending on the level of the competition, the athlete must overcome from 4 or more holes;
  • there are four distances between the holes: up to 230 meters, up to 430 meters and over 430, but not more than 650;
  • depending on the distance between the holes, the athlete is given a certain number of strokes: up to 230m-3 strokes;
  • in golf, there are 7 types of stroke and 4 types of clubs: how well a golf athlete punches each stroke, how skillfully he owns each type of club, characterizes his level of professionalism;
  • the winner of the tournament is the sports athlete who scored the least points.

The procedure for awarding points should be considered in detail. Let’s say a golf athlete needs to cover a distance of 430 meters, for which he is given only 4 strokes to drive the ball into the hole.
So much attention is paid to various nuances with one goal: to show that this sport is not just about hitting the ball with a stick. Before making bets, it is necessary to understand the rules of the game.

Types of golf bets

The choice of a bet consists of several offers:

  1. tournament winning athlete;
  2. who will not be able to enter the number of winners: more than a hundred athletes can take part in a highly rated sport competition, where there are clear favorites and outright outsiders. Choosing the one who will not win the tournament is often easier in comparison with the opposite option;
  3. who will be able to enter the top 3, 5, 10, 20;
  4. who will be higher at the end of the competition from the pair of participants proposed by the bookmaker;
  5. which of the group of golf athletes from the same country will be higher at the end of the championship.

How to analyze tournaments

It is necessary to carefully study four important nuances for right betting.

Athlete’s experience
In many individual sports, the current physical form and endurance make up a strong competition for experience. In golf, only experience and strong psychological qualities come out on top. There is no need to run, fight, even an assistant carries a bag with clubs, and the golf player himself moves calmly along the field with a step. Therefore, when choosing a bet, figure out how long the selected participant has been performing, what achievements he has managed to achieve.

Current form
You should definitely study the history of recent performances. These are the results of an Australian golf player in extreme tournaments. If there is a plus in the first column, then such a performance can be called unsuccessful.
This is a detailed statistics of his participation in the extreme competition. Here you can see a report on each hole, where the light and dark orange color shows that the athlete made more than the required number of strokes and received plus 1-2 points. The light and dark blue colors indicate that the Australian needed fewer attempts to drive the ball into the golf hole. According to these statistics, it is clear how the athlete added well during the draw and managed to get into the minus.

Difficulties arise during a strong gusty wind, where players have to immediately adapt to it, and not everyone is able to do this. After all, a strong wind can change the trajectory of the golf ball and take it into a heavy zone of the golf field. In such weather conditions, representatives of the United Kingdom feel good, they should be given preference when selecting a bet.

The venue of the competition
Every golfer has his own field, where he conducts frequent training, and knows all his shortcomings. After all, the field does not consist of a clean lawn, there are many things there: slopes and pits, reservoirs, sandy places, mud places, trees, tall grass, etc.
How to analyze player statistics
Let’s look at the five most important statistical indicators of players. You can find them in the statistics section on every betting source.

Driving Distance.
The average distance of the ball flight after hitting it by an athlete. This indicator indicates the strength of the golfer’s stroke, which is especially important when passing a certain stage or the entire competition on an easy field without a large number of obstacles.

Driving Accuracy.
Marks the accuracy as a percentage when the field is full of obstacles (reservoirs, mud, sand surfaces, etc.), when it is necessary to get into the working area, from which it is easy to strike the next blow, this is an extremely important parameter.

Greens in Regulation.
For how many attempts it turns out to get into a convenient zone in front of the hole. This golf area is called “green”.

Putting Average.
The number of putts – attempts made on the green, the so-called finishing stroke. This indicator also characterizes the level of skill of a golfer and his psychological stability.

Place winning bets

If you really want to earn money on golf sports betting, then study the statistics of players’ performances and other information, since there is more than enough of it in our time. Modern golf is a complex sports science, and you need to understand it well to gain betting benefit.