How could you bet on golf and become a 100% winner?

Let’s look at what events in golf bookmakers take bids on, what is the average margin in the painting, where it is better to play on sports and what pitfalls can get in the way of a gambler.

What does golf mean to itself?

The meaning of golf competitions is to drive the ball into the hole with a putter in the minimum number of strokes. As a rule, the number of holes is 18. They are located in various locations and are surrounded by obstacles – small reservoirs, trees, ravines and flat areas. The lawn is used perfectly flat so that the ball rolls without interference. Of course, the main key to success in betting is always knowledge of both gambling and a particular sport that you plan to bet on. However, everything is not always as scary as it seems at first.

Key points for successful golf betting

One of the main features of golf gambling is the fact that bookmakers put different margins on different types of competitions. At the most prestigious tournaments, such as the US Open, the earnings of the offices usually do not exceed 4 %. This is due to the large number of gamblers and the predictability of competitions. As a rule, top golfers win here. Therefore, bids on favorites by ordinaries can be considered profitable.
For competitions of lower categories, the margin of bookmakers sometimes exceeds 6-7%. This is due to the low predictability of the competition. However, even here you can find great offers if you determine the motivation of the participants and understand the nuances of their psychology. Experienced gamblers often bet on strong middle-class people who compete with unmotivated first numbers.
There are significantly more unexpected results in women’s competitions. Therefore, bettors often place wages before the start of tournaments on participants who will get into the top three or top five. They put, of course, ordinary people on average with coefficients above 10. It is enough to guess several bids out of 5-6 to get a tangible profit.

Things to draw attention to when placing bids

Since golf is played on grass and outdoors, it is worth taking into account the weather on the day of the game, and especially the strength of the wind. The wind is the main enemy of athletes with clubs hitting a corrugated white ball. Gusty and strong wind significantly reduces the accuracy of athletes when they perform long-range strikes. On such days, the difference in the skill of the participants is leveled. Experienced bettors put in live on underdogs at high kefs until they fall.
Experienced golfers show more stable results even in windy weather. Therefore, in the duels of young athletes with veterans, even if not top ones, it is preferable to put them in the second category of athletes.
When gambling on golf, you should take into account the characteristics of each site. Golf courses are unique. And every athlete has favorite and unloved venues for competitions. In this case, an analogy with tennis courts suggests itself. Someone prefers hard, and for someone, ground coverings are ideal. Therefore, when making a forecast for a match, you should take into account not only the rating of your opponents, but also the statistics of their performances at specific tournaments.

Sticking to the tips to become a winner

Although everyone has long known that there is no exact recipe for a win-win game, it is absolutely certain that adhering to the tips and knowing the features of the game you are betting on, the chances of winning will be much greater. So do not put it off for later, start delving right now.